141 MacGregor

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141 MacGregor 

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Amenities Available In Your Building

Laundry Facilities     
141 MacGregor Crescent is proud to offer onsite laundry facilities for your convenience.

  • Location? In the basement of the building

  • How to access? By code. See your move-in package

  • How to use? Coin-operated

Bike Storage

  • A bike rack has been provided at the back of the building

  • Note: Bikes are not allowed to be stored in your units or in the hallways due to safety reasons

141 MacGregor Crescent is excited to offer you wired Internet supplied by Cloud Wifi

  • Wireless

  • Any usernames/passwords? Your username and password are provided in your move-in package

  • Technical difficulties/problems connecting? Contact Wifi at email: support@cloudwifi.ca or call: 519.957.1942 x 2 or text: 226.210.0200

  • www.cloudwifi.ca

  • Note about technical support: Unfortunately Domus cannot help with any technical support issues. Cloud Wifi should be able to help you with anything you need. If you have any feedback about the service you are receiving from them, feel free to let us know. We always want to ensure our residents are getting the best service!

Garbage & Recycling   

  • Where to bring your garbage? A garbage dumpster is located at the back of the building

  • Where to bring your recycling? Recycle bins have been provided at the back of your building (Please make sure to break down your cardboard boxes!)

Monthly parking is available at your building for valid permit holders only.

  • How much? There are a limited number of spots available at no additional cost but you must register your vehicle with Domus.

  • How to sign up? Click here to complete your parking application. Submit your application and pay your deposit at the Domus office

  • Click here to view our full parking policy and further details.

Remember: Even with a parking pass, you cannot park in front of the garbage/recycling bins or moloks.  Parking there will result in your vehicle being ticketed & towed!

Please note there is no visitor parking available.




Please make sure you complete your Deficiency List with in 2-5 days of move in. 

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