34 Bridgeport

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34 Bridgeport

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Amenities Available In Your Building

Laundry Facilities     
34 Bridgeport is proud to offer onsite laundry facilities for your convenience.

  •  Location? In the ground floor of the building

  • How to access? By key given to you in your move-in package OPEN 8 AM to 9 PM daily!

  • How to use? Coin operated, must bring exact change and your own detergent.

Garbage & Recycling   

  • Where to bring your garage? There is a garbage room located in the back of the building. Unlock the door with your key to access the garbage room

  •   Where to bring your recycling? Recycling is also located in the garbage room. Unlock the door with your key to access the garbage room to get rid of your recycling

  • (Please make sure you break down your cardboard boxes)

Monthly parking is available at your building for valid permit holders only.

  • Parking is sold first come basis by term

  • How to sign up? Click here to complete your parking application. Submit your application and pay your deposit at the Domus office

  • Click here to view our full parking policy and further details

Remember: Even with a parking pass, you cannot park in front of the garbage/recycling bins or moloks.  Parking there will result in your vehicle being ticketed & towed!

Please note there is no visitor parking available.




Please make sure you complete your Deficiency List with in 2-5 days of move in. 

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