8 Hickory

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8 Hickory

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8 Hickory St W is a Condominium. The common area of the building is managed by the condo manager, Wilson Blanchard. For information their contact is:  

Nicole Brown: nicole.brown@wilsonblanchard.com or 519-620-8778 x 142

To set up the intercom, one cellphone can be attached to system for each unit. Please email the number and unit to the condo manager. 





Bike Storage

  • Location? The bike room is located in the underground parking garage behind parking spot #50

  • How to access? Key access is available upon request. Domus has a limited availability, once we have run out you will be required to contact the condo manager, Nicole Brown: nicole.brown@wilsonblanchard.com

  • Note: Bikes are not allowed to be stored in your units or in the hallways due to safety reasons.

  • Note: Bikes are not allowed to be stored in your units or in the hallways due to safety reasons.

Study/Meeting Room          
Need to get out of your room and get some quiet?  Enjoy your study lounge!

  • Location? 2nd floor of the Hickory Building

This is a quiet room to meet with friends or to study.  Please be respectful of others using the room. 

  • This room can be booked for a private event upon request through the condo manager, Nicole Brown: nicole.brown@wilsonblanchard.com (Domus does not have access to the amenities)






Sage I is excited to offer you wired Internet supplied by Rogers and managed by COMU.

  • How to access? Purchase an Ethernet cable and plug from the wall connection in your bedroom to your computer or laptop

  • Want wireless? You can set up your own, personal wireless connection by purchasing a wireless modem

  • Technical difficulties/problems connecting? Contact COMU at 1-855-667-2668

  • Note about technical support: Unfortunately Domus cannot help with any technical support issues. COMUTEC should be able to help you with anything you need. If you have any feedback about the service you are receiving from them, feel free to let us know. We always want to ensure our tenants are getting the best service!


  • Where to bring your garbage? Convenient garbage chutes are located on each floor

  • Where to bring your recycling? Recycle bins have been provided at the back of your building (Please make sure to break down your cardboard boxes!)

  • If you clog the chute, your unit will be charged for unclogging and cleaning up of the mess.  If you have large garbage items, please bring directly to the additional dumpster located at the back of the building.  Thanks for your anticipated cooperation!

    How to Properly Use a Garbage Chute:

  • ONLY small kitchen garbage/grocery bags can be thrown down the chutes

  • Cardboard boxes including pizza boxes and large outdoor garbage bags CANNOT be put down the chutes as they will clog them

Please make sure you complete your Deficiency List with in 2-5 days of move in. 

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